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The Complete Guide to Portugal's D7 Visa for Retirees and Remote Workers [2023 Update]

Want an easy, renewable residency permit in gorgeous Portugal?

The Portugal D7 visa offers a little-known shortcut for retirees, remote workers, and investors to gain temporary residency.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to qualify, apply, and make the most of the D7 visa in 2023!

What is Portugal's D7 Visa?

The D7 visa grants temporary Portuguese residency rights for 1 year periods without needing a traditional work visa.

Previously called the “passive income” visa, the D7 is now open to remote workers with active income sources too.

Key benefits include:

  • No company sponsorship required

  • Lower income requirements than other visas

  • Easy renewals for multiple 1-year stays

  • Allows remote work or self-employment

D7 Visa Requirements

To qualify for the D7 visa, you must:

  • Prove minimum monthly income of €745

  • Provide criminal background check

  • Have valid health insurance

  • Show ties to Portugal (lease, utility bills, etc.)

  • Pay all visa fees

Dependents under 18 can be included in the D7 application.

How to Apply for Portugal's D7 Visa?

Follow these key steps:

  1. Determine eligibility and gather documents

  2. Schedule appointment at Portuguese consulate

  3. Submit application form, docs, and fees

  4. Attend biometrics appointment

  5. Receive visa approval in around 3 months

  6. Validate visa by entering Portugal

  7. Apply for residence permit card

Life with a D7 Visa in Portugal

With the D7 visa, you can:

  • Work remotely while living in Portugal

  • Access healthcare

  • Open a Portuguese bank account

  • Rent property

  • Travel freely in Europe's Schengen Area

From sandy beaches to historic castles, Portugal offers an idyllic European lifestyle. The renewable D7 visa provides an affordable path to gain residency without large upfront investment.

Ready to Escape to Portugal's Coastal Paradise?

Portugal's D7 visa offers digital nomads, remote workers, and retirees a little-known shortcut to gain renewable residency.

Contact our experts today to start your application and unlock life in amazing Portugal!

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