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Vazir Investment is one of the trusted global entities and a leading Investment Migration services provider. We are always looking to formulate profitable partnerships which can accelerate business growth, we would love to hear from you if you feel you can add incremental value to the growth of our business. Our key business focus is on offering RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” and Business Migration programs across Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Turkey, and UAE.


Partnering your business with Vazir Investments not only means being entitled to competitive commissions (or higher government commissions) but it means partnering with a trusted global entity that is dominating the Indian markets and has a strong presence in 06 jurisdictions around the globe.


  • Comprehensive support throughout the process.

  • Provides competitive commissions / higher government commissions.

  • Empowers our partners with the tools and support.

  • Strong presence in (UAE, India, Canada, Portugal, Malta, and Slovenia).

  • Provide on-ground services (i.e., obtaining documents, legalization, attestation, etc.).

  • Frequently provides updates on new programs or proposed changes.

  • We tend to make the immigration process simplified.

  • Confidentiality is our highest priority.


Vazir Investments a part of Vazir Group is one of the leading Government-authorized immigration services providers, having a strong presence in (UAE, India, Canada, Portugal, Malta, and Slovenia). Our team consists of professional members of IMC (Investment Migration Council), CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants), and RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) who are officially qualified agents safeguarding your interest by offering regulated and authentic professional advice on immigration services and international study that suits your investment need and budget.

Till date, thousands of individuals be it the UHNI "Ultra High Net-worth" Individuals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers / Directors looking to opt for Citizenship and Residency by Investment, expanding their business beyond the boundaries, or a person who was simply looking for work permit and relocation for a better future for themselves and their loved ones, we have helped they all live their dream, our team has over 25 years of combined consulting background, that have dealt with clients from 30 different nationalities.


We provide 20 different programs based on investment in various countries like Canada, the US, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia, Grenada, and the Commonwealth of Dominica. The programs that Vazir Group provides empower individuals and families to become Global Citizens. Thousands of satisfied clients give us the courage to say that we are proud of our reputation within the industry that our team has painstakingly built over the years.

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Dominating the Indian markets, we still are flexible while partnering and can co-operate on various levels. Currently our B2B partners are Asset Managers, Experts in Company Formation, Private Bankers, Promoters of Luxury Products, Real Estate Professionals, Lawyers, and individuals who are in contact with HNI / UHNI clients


Some of our Business Partners use our services simply as referral/introducer agents, they refer clients and let us represent the interests of their clients. And for some, we work as their back office and processing agents, where our B2B manages the relationship with their client as the first and only point of contact to complete the application file and the rest is our responsibility.

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" Vazir Group has been in the Investment Migration industry for over 10 years, having diverse clientele from all walks of life including Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Directors from the top 50 public companies in UAE, and organizations such as Amazon, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Oracle and General Electric among Fortune 500 companies. Our satisfied clients give us the courage to say that we are proud of our reputation within the industry that our team has painstakingly built over the years. "

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