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The Upcoming ETIAS System: What it Means for Investors Seeking European Residency or Citizenship

A new electronic travel authorization system called ETIAS will soon be implemented across Europe. Expected to roll out in 2024, ETIAS will require citizens of around 60 countries including the USA, Canada, and Australia to obtain advance authorization for travel to Europe, even if they currently enjoy visa-free access.

For investors aiming to obtain residency or citizenship in Europe through investment programs, ETIAS is bound to have some implications on travel. This guide covers what investors need to know about ETIAS and how it may impact investor immigration plans.

What is ETIAS and How Will it Work?

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System. It essentially acts as an electronic pre-screening program for visitors from visa-exempt countries looking to enter the Schengen Area.

Travelers will need to complete a simple online application providing basic personal and passport details. After paying the €7 fee, approval is granted almost instantly in over 95% of cases, enabling visa-free entry to any of the 26 Schengen countries for a 3-year period.

Why is ETIAS Being Introduced?

ETIAS aims to strengthen security and border control for the Schengen Area. By screening visa-exempt travelers in advance, risks can be identified before arrival at EU borders. It will also speed up processing times at entry points.

How Will ETIAS Impact Investor Immigration?

For investors seeking European residency or citizenship through investment, the ETIAS system will have some implications on travel:

  • ETIAS provides an extra application procedure for visa-free Schengen access, even for residents/citizens.

  • It may slightly favor citizenship over residency for investors needing to frequently travel around Europe.

  • Fast ETIAS processing is positive, but a few days of lead time will be required.

  • Cyprus/Malta citizenship programs will retain appeal as the only EU citizenship options not affected by ETIAS.

Overall, ETIAS adds a small inconvenience for investor immigrants from applicable countries. However, the fast online application and low cost mean it is unlikely to seriously deter investment in European residency or citizenship. But investors should factor it into their decision-making process.

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