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Vazir Investment is one of the trusted global entities, and a leading investment migration services provider, assisting the HNWI & UHNWI "High Net-worth & Ultra High Net-worth" Individuals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers / Directors looking to opt for RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” programs, and or expanding their business beyond the boundaries.

We are authorized to market and distribute promotional information about various RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” programs, with a team consisting of professional members from IMC (Investment Migration Council), CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants), RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant), and professional Chartered Accountants with over 25 years of collective consulting background. Vazir Investment has been helping families relocate globally for over 10 years, dominating the Indian markets, and having a strong presence in United Arab Emirates, India, Canada, Portugal, Malta, and Slovenia with local experts inhouse who are there to assist you with best of their abilities throughout the application process.


Vazir Investment is part of Vazir Group, which is a licensed entity in Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and UAE empowering HNWI & UHNWI "High Net-worth" individuals and families while processing their Residency or alternative Citizenship applications, we always safeguard the interest of our clients by providing regulated, authentic, and professional advice on the RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” and Business Migration programs. Our satisfied clients give us the courage to say that we are proud of our reputation within the industry that our team has painstakingly built over the years.

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Vrinda Gupta is a young Women Entrepreneur, Brand Custodian, and Managing Partner of Vazir Group. She opted for her career in Investment Migration at the age of 23 after completing her Master’s from the University of Bath and Bachelor's in Management from Bayes Business School (formerly known as Cass Business School).

She is professionally known in India, GCC, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) for her extensive industry knowledge and simplified yet thorough approach to various Investment / Business Migration programs. Vrinda believes that the immigration industry has a tremendous scope with regard to growth potential, besides managing the company's overall direction and strategy, she personally assists Ultra-High Net-worth applicants and clients in their pursuit of global opportunities and easy global access.

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Obtaining an alternative Citizenship or Residency by Investment is a complex process, with multiple programs and investment options to compare and choose from, proposing what suits the investor's need and budget, collecting required documents, preparing affidavits and declarations, getting them translated, notarizing & legalizing (when and if required), going through and filling up various applications forms (personal information, family details, net-worth and banking details, travel and medical history, etc.), scheduling the appointments for medical and biometrics (when and if required), conducting initial due diligence and to find out risk involved (if any). All this raises the opportunities for obtaining the required citizenship and or residency.


As one of the trusted global entities and a leading Investment Migration services provider, we have a unique experience to advise on every application, with some of the highlights as below:


  • Strong presence in 06 jurisdictions (UAE, India, Canada, Portugal, Malta, and Slovenia).

  • Provide on-ground services (i.e., obtaining documents, legalization, attestation, etc.)

  • Team with over 25 years of collective consulting background.

  • Clients from 34 different nationalities.

  • Clients from Fortune 50 companies.

  • Provides over 20 RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” programs.

  • Provides comprehensive support and dedicated staff throughout the process.

  • Provides virtual or in-person assistance, depending on the client’s request.

  • Frequently provides updates on new programs or proposed changes.

  • Our services are often used by other legal firms (our partners), representing and securing the interests of their clients.

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Should you have any questions, or want to know which citizenship/residency program suits you and your family.



Our Citizenship and Residency advisors always have detailed discussions with our clients while onboarding to understand their needs and goals, in order to propose a program that suits their investments and is aligned with their goals (not everyone is looking for visa-free travel, and not all countries offer a similar list of visa-free jurisdictions).


After our initial consultation with our client, we propose to them which investment route should they consider (i.e., approved national fund, investing in a government-approved real estate option, or investing in a government-approved bond, etc.) and share a detailed action plan, carefully designed as per client’s individual need. This includes complete costing (i.e., consultation, government fees, due diligence cost, application/processing fees, etc.), a list of required documents, pros and cons of the proposed RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” or the Business Migration programs (so the client won’t be surprised or invoiced for hidden charges). Throughout the application process, we remain in touch with our clients and offer services (i.e., sourcing the property with higher returns, obtaining tax numbers, opening bank accounts, etc.). Our services are not limited until they receive the required Citizenship or Residency, but our after-sales team remain in touch with our clients until their initial investment is returned to them (depending on the investment route), in case of Residency by Investment programs we make sure that the clients remain in compliance with the requirements, help them renew their residence permits /second passport, assist them in case of lost passport or passport replacements in case if all pages have been used and much more.


Confidentiality (personal information and or investment sources) and peace of mind of our clients are our top priorities, and we value it at all times throughout the process and after.

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Vazir Investment is one of the trusted global entities and a leading Investment Migration services provider. We are always looking to formulate profitable partnerships which can accelerate business growth, we would love to hear from you if you feel you can add incremental value to the growth of our business. Our key business focus is on offering RCBI “Residency & Citizenship by Investment” and Business Migration programs across Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Turkey, and UAE.


Partnering your business with Vazir Investments not only means being entitled to competitive commissions (or higher government commissions) but it means partnering with a trusted global entity that is dominating the Indian markets and has a strong presence in 06 jurisdictions around the globe.


We are flexible while partnering and can co-operate on various levels. Currently, our B2B partners are Asset Managers, Experts in Company Formation, Private Bankers, Promoters of Luxury Products, Real Estate Professionals, Lawyers, and individuals who are in contact with HNI / UHNI clients


Some of our Business Partners use our services simply as referral/introducer agents, they refer clients and let us represent the interests of their clients. And for some, we work as their back office and processing agents, where our B2B manages the relationship with their client as the first and only point of contact to complete the application file and the rest is our responsibility.

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" Vazir Group has been in the Investment Migration industry for over 10 years, having diverse clientele from all walks of life including Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Directors from the top 50 public companies in UAE, and organizations such as Amazon, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Oracle and General Electric among Fortune 500 companies. Our satisfied clients give us the courage to say that we are proud of our reputation within the industry that our team has painstakingly built over the years. "

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