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Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through Investment: Benefits, Opportunities & Program Guide

Obtaining a second passport and citizenship is a goal for many globally-minded high net worth individuals today. Dual citizenship provides greater travel freedom, business opportunities, and security for families. For those considering investment migration, Turkey’s citizenship by investment program stands out as an attractive option.

Launched in 2017, Turkey’s program enables foreign nationals to acquire full Turkish citizenship by making a qualifying real estate, bank deposit, or venture capital investment in the country.

This article will provide an overview of the Turkey citizenship by investment program, highlight its key benefits, and look at promising opportunities it offers investors and their families.

Turkey’s citizenship program is managed by the General Directorate of Migration Management and has been operating in its current form since 2017. However, a pilot version existed for a period before its official launch.

To qualify for citizenship, investors must make a minimum capital investment in one of three categories:

  • Real estate investment of $400,000 held for at least 3 years

  • Bank deposit of $500,000 held for at least 3 years

  • Venture capital investment of $500,000 into an approved fund or company, with no lock-in period

Once the investment is verified, applicants can file for citizenship status. Approval takes 3-6 months on average after submitting the application.

A key benefit of the program is that investors do not need to reside in Turkey before or after obtaining citizenship. Dual citizenship is also fully permitted.

The Main Advantages of Turkish Citizenship:

For foreign investors, Turkish citizenship offers several unique advantages:

  • Visa-free travel to over 110 global destinations, including the UK, Schengen area, and Russia

  • Excellent healthcare system ranked among the best in the world

  • High quality of life thanks to Turkey's stunning landscapes, cuisine, and culture

  • Strategic geographic location bridging Europe and Asia

  • Access to high growth investment opportunities in Turkey and surrounding markets

  • Ability to easily relocate and reside in Turkey if desired

  • Full citizenship rights including owning property and establishing a business

  • Tax advantages if structured properly

Turkey's real estate market also enhances the value proposition of the program. The country offers beautiful yet affordable properties in coastal and metropolitan areas.

Exciting Business Opportunities in Turkey:

In addition to the lifestyle benefits, Turkey's rapidly growing economy presents tremendous prospects for foreign investors in sectors like real estate, technology, renewable energy, agribusiness, and tourism.

Major infrastructure upgrades underway, funded by public and private initiatives, are also creating openings for foreign capital. Tourism in particular is a focus area, with the government aiming to increase visitor numbers substantially by 2023.

Turkey's young, tech-savvy population and burgeoning start-up scene make it a magnet for venture capital as well. The country has seen funding for start-ups mushroom from just $60 million in 2012 to over $750 million by 2019.

Government Support for Foreign Investors:

The Turkish government actively encourages foreign direct investment, having put in place investor-friendly policies and incentives. There are also many promising opportunities emerging from public-private partnerships.

The country's Investment Office provides extensive support to help foreign investors evaluate prospects and establish operations in Turkey. From guidance on legal issues to information on target industries and funding, the Investment Office makes it easier for investors to take advantage of Turkey's potential.

Turkey's citizenship by investment program offers foreign nationals a golden opportunity to gain a valuable second passport and citizenship in return for an achievable capital investment.

The country's geographic importance, sustained economic growth, business opportunities, and features like affordable real estate make investment migration here an appealing long-term proposition. With proper structuring, investors can realize substantial lifestyle benefits and financial advantages as well.

For globally minded foreign investors and entrepreneurs seeking to expand their possibilities, Turkish citizenship is definitely worth considering.

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